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Texas Holdem Poker - Internet Poker


Texas Holdem Poker Rules

How to play Texas Holdem? First the player left from the dealer places a small bet (small blind) in the pot, and the player to his left places the big blind (usually twice the small blind) in the pot.

The players are dealt two cards face down. There are 5 cards on the table. The first round of calling, raising or folding starts with the player left of the big blind.

In the second round, the dealer turns over 3 cards (flop cards). In this betting round a player can choose to check (not to bet or fold) when there has been no betting in front of him.

The third round of betting. The dealer turns over the fourth card on the table.

The final round of betting. The dealer turns over the last card on the table. The remaining players show their cards and the best poker hand wins the pot. The best hand is made from the player's 2 cards and the 5 cards on the table.




Where to play Texas Holdem Poker?

Ignition Poker (US,Australia)

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Sportsbetting Poker (US accepted)

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Betsson Poker

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Texas Holdem